A Tale of Two Sunrises

I’ve woken to two different sunrises in two different cities in as many days. This time tomorrow, I’ll greet the sun from my own window again. That is, if the chickens don’t beat me to it!

Sky on Fire

©2014 JELindsay

Yesterday my window faced east and the fiery glow was breathtakingly blinding as the light enveloped everything it touched. Even though it’s been bone-cold and dreary the past few days and the clouds still swirled and coalesced like bullies flexing their muscles, they didn’t seem quiet as menacing when measured against the golden band stretching over the horizon.

Although it wasn’t long before that small patch of sky was filled again, being able to see the sun even for a brief moment was enough to make my Friday feel bright all day.

Shades of Grey

©2014 JELindsay

Today I face west. The light is more diffused than yesterday’s, but I am enjoying the subtle lightening of the surrounding greens and greys. And I’m amazed by the details that are just now beginning to pop out of the darkness – like the bits of moss growing at the peak of the roof across the way and the terminal buds on the trees along the sidewalks that are even now waiting to burst out in blossoms to announce the coming of spring.

These little details are all things I wouldn’t have been able to see while staring indirectly into yesterday’s brilliance.

There are so many parallels I can draw from these two mornings. So many metaphors I could turn them into. But as I lay here in the quiet considering both, I simply can’t bring myself to do anything more than enjoy them for what they are.

The busyness of the holiday season is drawing to a close and life is returning to it’s regular rhythm again. With that comes daily schedules and complaints about monotony and longings for the weekends. But the tale of the two sunrises is a reminder that no day is ever meant to be dull. Each one is a gift.

No matter what the struggle, no matter what the fight, every day is masterfully designed to be brilliant!



4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sunrises

  1. Katie says:

    Such a beautiful reminder that God is always reminding us to slow down and smell the roses. His creation is a majestic thing, I can’t even imagine how much more majestic He is!


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